Sunday School Convention

The Effingham County Sunday School Convention is a tradition that began in 1879 and still continues on today.

The first Sunday of May congregations come together at the Methodist Campground in Springfield to participate in a county wide Sunday School service.


Activities, beginning about 9:45 a.m. in the open air Tabernacle with a preselected congregation hosting for that year. All congregations that paricipate get an opportunity to host as hosting is rotated out each year.


Activities include procession of the congregations, then the service begins with opening prayer and a welcome from the hosting church. The order of service calls for singing, children's message and a main address from the guest speaker. All of this rotates around a song presentation from each congregation. 


Once service is concluded each congregation peels off to their own areas at the camp and continues with fellowship and food that the church members provide for a potluck.


A good day of congregations coming together for a common goal of singing praises to the Lord.


The history of this gathering stretches back to the late 1800's with credit of it's inception credited to Rev. P.H. Crumpler, a local Methodist Minister, having a desire to see all denominations coming together for one day of worship. With the extension of invitations to all congregations, the Effingham County Sunday School Association was established.


Read more here to learn in depth of this historical county event.


If you would like to come worship with us that morning to experience this county tradition that has been going on for decades we invite to come on out.  Seating is provided for service and our guest are welcome to join in the potluck with us. 


Please remember this will not be our typical church service but we would enjoy having you join us all the same.


We hope to see you there. If you are unable to join us for this special event perhaps you may consider coming to worship with us another Sunday.


We look forward to greeting you.

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