Bible Lutheran Church congregation was established in November 2009 to re-affirm Biblical authority and obedience.  If you desire to worship and serve others with a congregation holding traditional values like believing marriage to be a life-long sacred union between one man and one woman, then this congregation would be where you can in good conscience lift up Jesus as this world’s only Lord and Savior.


Bible Lutheran Church proclaims Jesus Christ as the world’s Lord and Savior, and commits its members to a life of Discipleship, faith-based missionary service, and to a Bible obedient community. 


We welcome you to worship with us at 10A.M. every Sunday.  We offer Sunday School every Sunday at 8:45 A.M. for all ages.  Our hope and prayer is that our worship in the Name of Jesus gives you the spiritual refueling for the week ahead. 


Bible Lutheran Church Members

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